Blackburn City Council, New Ground & John Everiss Design

September 21, 2018

CSH Transport’s Stuart and Christine Haworth have worked to create art and inspiration in the local community by improving and sponsoring some of Blackburn’s urban spaces.  As an industrial region surrounded by some of the UK’s most beautiful countryside Blackburn’s inner-city has benefitted from much needed regeneration.  John Everiss Design, New Ground (a social enterprise organisation operating in the East Lancs region) in association with Blackburn City Council and local businesses has helped create cultural and artistic spaces celebrating both the town and local craftsmanship.

During 2014 and 2012 CSH Transport sponsored the development of two sculptural landscape projects that both now welcome visitors exiting Blackburn’s M65 motorway.  John Everiss’s Reach Out design won a Gold at the Royal Horticultural Society’s Chelsea show in 2014, it now occupies a prominent area on the access road to Blackburn Royal Hospital.  The 2013 RHS Tatton Park Gold winning landscape sculpture “Natural Forces in Challenging Times” was also made possible through the patronage of Stuart and Christine Haworth.  “Natural Forces” is installed on the principal access point welcoming visitors to Blackburn Royal Hospital.