Fleet Maintenance

Safety is paramount at CSH with the integrity of our fleet and its maintenance critical to driver safety, client-load integrity, the public and the environment.


Fleet Management System checks begin every day when our drivers complete their vehicle walk-around and load checks along with posting their daily digital check-sheets.  Any issues raised are instantly flagged up to the Fleet Engineer and a managerial decision made as to the integrity of the vehicle and its load.


Digital FMS and robust best-practice throughout fleet management ensure not only that vehicles operate optimally but that defects are dealt with accurately and immediately.


Six weekly checks are standard and with robust weekly inspections provided by our in house fleet-management team, our vehicles always run at their most efficient, ensuring better fuel economy, lower emissions, reliability and competitive pricing for our customers.  Our fleet is constantly evolving and we run most environmentally sustainable vehicles available, all adhering to Euro 6 norms.


Throughout 2022/23 CSH is working towards the DVSA’s Earned Recognition status.


The Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency ( DVSA ) Earned Recognition scheme is a way logistics suppliers prove they consistently meet driver and vehicle standards. This means that CSH Transport continuously monitors our compliance with the use of approved 3P digital monitoring systems & telematics that are compliant with vehicle and road safety standards.


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