At CSH Transport, safety is paramount. The integrity of our fleet and its maintenance is critical to driver safety, load integrity, the public and the environment.


Operationally, Fleet Management begins every day when our drivers fill-in their digital check sheets on our in-vehicle telemetry system.  Any issues raised are instantly flagged up in the office and a managerial decision made as to the integrity of the vehicle and its load. Continuous assessment of the modern fleet is actioned by a series of factory-fitted sensors working with the telemetry. This ensures not only that the vehicles are in optimum working order but that defects are dealt with accurately, immediately plus driver behaviour is monitored for safety and efficiency.


Six weekly checks are standard and with robust weekly inspections provided by our in house fleet-management team, our vehicles always aim to run at their most efficient, ensuring better fuel economy, lower emissions, reliability and competitive pricing for our customers. Our vehicles are constantly evolving and we run most tractive vehicles on three-years cycles; all adhering to Euro 6 norms.


If you would like further information about CSH Transport’s dry freight, liquid bulk, chemical transportation or storage services, please call us on +44 (0) 1254 660007 or email us.