CSH Transport chats to World Champion Squash Player Laura Massaro

November 15, 2018

CSH Transport is delighted to be sponsoring Laura Massaro, World Champion squash player, for season 2018/ 19. Laura took some time out from her busy squash schedule in November to visit CSH Transport HQ. Laura chatted to us about what inspires her, her first memory of squash, females in sport and what this season holds.


What are your objectives for the 2018/19 season?

My objectives and goals for this season are to still be competing with the best in the world. I have several improvements I want to make in my movement and squash swing and if I can make and implement those changes I feel I can still win major titles.


What inspires you most?

I’m inspired by women pushing boundaries in every sport. Pushing themselves and their limits and that inspires me to do the same. I want to finish my Squash career knowing I could have given it no more than I have and so I get out of bed everyday to try and achieve that and be better every day!


How did you get into squash and what is your earliest memory?

I got into Squash because my mum and dad played. We spent a lot of time at the local club and my earliest memory is of my dad taking me onto court with what felt like a massive racket and teaching me how to hit the ball.


What is one of your stand out moments in your squash career?

Winning the world championships. It stands out because it’s the most nervous I’ve ever been playing a squash match. It’s goes without saying it’s a massive achievement for me to become world champion but more than that, it was how I held things together during those big matches that make me proud.


Are you looking forward to the Hong Kong Squash Open in November and what are your hopes for the tournament?

Yes, very much so! I’ve put in a lot of good training and technical work and I’m excited to see where I’m up to. I think it might take until the new year to see the improvements fully but I want to play well in HK and reflect on how it goes and push on again once hone!


What are your top tips for squash players?

Watch as much as you can and solo on your own on court to see improvements!


Laura said, “I’m so grateful for CSH’s support and they have enabled me to dedicate myself to my squash and been unbelievable supporters of my career and my events. I can’t thank them enough for their belief in me!” Visit Laura’s Twitter page to see how she gets on this season. And CSH Transport will follow Laura’s season on our Twitter and Facebook pages too.