A love of the natural world and our environment has been a lifelong passion for CSH founder Stuart Haworth. Whether it be in vehicle procurement or our business practices we always look to minimise our environmental impact.

Currently the majority of CSH’s fleet feature the lowest emission Euro 6 engines. Regular servicing and daily checks including tyre-wear and tyre pressure helps to ensure driver and public safety. High levels of vehicle maintenance maximises fuel, safety and economic efficiency to ourselves, our clients and the environment at large.


CSH has evolved and renewed all our office and storage space to feature LEDs, water capture at our Shadsworth site, the use of a 100m Geo-wall retaining wall using natural products to create a long-term retainer for our ITRO 20,000m2 of hardstanding at BB1.   Environmental considerations for today and the foreseeable future will see CSH Transport leverage water capture, recycling, renewable energy sources – solar and wind turbines – and continue to develop a true « ecosystem » within our facilities.

If you would like further information about CSH Transport’s dry freight, liquid bulk, chemical transportation or storage services, please call us on +44 (0) 1254 660007 or email us.


CSH Transport’s Shadsworth BB1 site Summer 2022.

Water attenuation tanks with flash-flood prevention Hydro-braking. Under construction Spring ’22.

Geo-Wall, a system of natural materials inter-locked « hydro-seeded » so that the natural growth of plants intertwines to reinforce the structure.